Happy New Year 2011

“The New Year is like a book with 365 empty pages. Every day create your masterpiece by using all of life’s colors” Mila Shuravina

I was inspired by the above quote written by an acquaintance of mine as her Facebook status. I found it super simple and yet so highly representative of how I view this upcoming year. As 2010 was approaching, I described it as my year. I must admit that a lot of us soon-to-be-graduates seemed to feel the same over all; perhaps the prospect of post-graduation life was something that we were all looking forward to, despite the worldwide economic crisis. The year 2011 to me, is rather a continuation of what I have started in 2010. I plan to make substantial weekly progress to achieve all of the goals that I have set for not only this year, but the following one as well.

So I’ve decided to make sure to record the progress as a mean to visualize it but also to continue to motivate myself. Often as we set out to achieve our goals, we get so lost in all the clutter that we get discouraged. Given that the end of my “grace-period” is coming to an end pretty soon, I do not have room for discouragement and desperation.

So I invite you all to reflect on this quote and begin tracking progress to make sure you are still on the path you set yourself to!

Happy New Year!



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